PicPaks © is a fast program that packs PNG objects into a background mask. Each PNG object is a file containing a single image. The objects are packed into the mask so that none of them overlap, just as if you had hand packed them yourself. Object files are stored in a folder. Each image has a transparent background. The mask file also has a transparent background and objects are only packed into the mask where it is not transparent. Finished pictures can be saved as PNG files with transparency for use in other art drawing programs. Seamless tiles can also be quickly and easily created. PNG images containing multiple images can be split into individual images for PicPaks to use. Many options allow the program to resize, rotate and place objects to create pleasing art. Move the mouse over a thumbnail at the left to see an enlarged sample picture.  All of these samples took less than a few minutes to produce and backgrounds were added with Photoshop®. By John Adlersparre, Adlersparre & Associates Inc. A seamless tile