Samples of Your Artwork

In response to requests for a section of the site where you can display your art created with PicPaks for others to enjoy, we are working on an easy upload facility. Please be patient while we build this!

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  1. lylejk says:

    A few weeks ago, when Hurricane Matthew was coming through Jacksonville, FL (where my sister and family use to live), a discussion about shark tooth hunting came up. Then, my nephew shared a cool mosaic (real one) on his smart phone made up of shark teeth and I got inspired. Was going to post it here too but forgot. 🙂

  2. lylejk says:

    Did this one a few years ago but just now sharing it here. It was my very first one (older version of PicPaks). 🙂

  3. lylejk says:

    I did this as a response to the trajedy that happened in France a week ago. To the people of France; all nations are united with you during this time.

  4. lylejk says:

    Getting close to Christmas so why not. Did a few passes of PicPaks and combined. 🙂

  5. lylejk says:

    Did this one of my soon to be 84 year old friend. 🙂

  6. lylejk says:

    Until you do have a host site Johnny, I posted a few at Flickr recently. The one linked below is of some chocolates. 🙂

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