Object Libraries

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4 Responses to Object Libraries

  1. Rod_GimpChat says:

    Hey Johnny the object library page seems to be messed up. There is an update to WordPress available also. Just downloaded and installed 1.3 and hope to get some new libraries soon. Is there any way to re download my libraries i have already purchased as i have a new machine now.


  2. Rod_GimpChat says:

    Great little program. Something many folks are interested in these days too. Goes right along with scrap booking and the like. I grabbed the SteamPunk object library.
    In the future will there be a way to have users create their own object packs and upload them here for sale or just to share?
    Looking forward to the Pro version also.

    -Rod @ http://www.gimpchat.com

    • johnnyj says:

      Thanks Rod. It would be a great idea to add shared libraries. I will give the idea of one selling personal libraries some thought to figure out the best way we can do that.
      At the moment I’m working on a submission page for people to upload their samples also.

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